Saint Elli

a new poem (w/photograph) by Dog in the Sand’s Gregory Frye. (Gees, is he the only writer DITS has!)

click the ‘more…’ button below to read the actual poem and to see the actual photograph. thank you.

and click the ‘about’ link for information about contributing to Dog in the Sand Magazine. thank you again.


(with photograph)

by Gregory Frye

(for my wife)

Saint Elli

when she steps outside

all the flowers turn their

heads to follow

her path.

Saint Elli

when she walks into a room

angel wings of


sprout from behind her shoulders.

Saint Elli

when she laughs

a baby is born

Saint Elli

when she smiles

and smiles and


the sun




2 Responses to “Saint Elli”

  1. Greg,

    Nice to see a poem from you. Very beautiful dedication to your woman. You provide a flow and graceful movement in tone of the “Saintly” wife. It provides me with an image of a wholly sacrament of your union with your wife.

    Very nice, indeed!


  2. cherie bohanon Says:

    that is so beautiful. such love and respect for your lovely wife, saint elli.

    love mom

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